Meet the Maker: Markus Lentsch, Seegut Lentsch

The lake in every drop. 

Across three generations, the Lentsch family has been committed to producing high quality wines in the village of Podersdorf in Burgenland. Today, brothers Thomas and Markus Lentsch have taken the reins, thoughtfully integrating the traditions of past generations with new innovative practices.

The vines stretch across the Seewinkel region, which lies around the eastern end of Lake Neusiedl. The vines are uniquely surrounded by salt ponds and a diverse range of soils, including limestone, loam, gravel, and sand, which ultimately contributes to the multi-faceted character of these wines.

Markus and Thomas apply sustainable farming principles, which are integral to their vineyard approach. With careful practices, such as selective harvesting and canopy management, and gentle vinification processes, it’s clear the duo pour their passion and hard work into their wines.

Get the wines: 

Blauer Zweigelt 2020
St. Laurent Reserve 2019

Markus and Franz Lentsch
(Markus and his father, Franz)


Markus Lentsch