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Answer a few short questions and our experts will match you with your new favourite wines.

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We supply you with personalised reccomendations, you choose which wines you want to purchase.

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Fill out the Questionnaire, recive good wine every month. Pause or cancel any time.

What is it?

Think of the Personal Somm Questionnaire as a thoughtfully crafted conversation where our wine experts ask questions to get to know you better. Armed with that info, the questionnaire will offer two option – we can make recommendations from our web store for you to shop now, OR, we'll do all the heavy lifting – simply choose your pack size (3, 6 or 12) and your average spend per bottle and we'll pick the wines just for you! You'll receive a surprise selection along with tasting notes on each wine, and a personal message from the expert that chose them! Want wines to pair with your Sunday Roast? Or perhaps explore the wines of Italy – just ask!

Personal Somm experience

Simple, fun questions

Launched in 2020 and leveled-up in 2023, the PSQ is a UK first. Powered by people, not algorithms.
Our personal touch is unrivaled.