Two Paddocks - Central Otago, New Zealand

Most of you will think you've taken a wrong click and ended up on a review of Jurassic Park.

And that's fair enough.

Even though Sam Neill has starred in countless fantastic films, very few were as awe-inspiring as Jurassic Park in those halcyon pre-3D, dodgey CGI days.

Hopefully you won't be too disappointed to learn we're actually going to talk about about another fantastic thing that Sam Neill has made: his Two Paddocks wines. Dinosaurs not included. 

Founded in 1993 in Central Otago with the aim of making some decent Pinot Noir for Sam and his friends, the "unpromising sheep paddock"-turned-vineyard proved to be something of a winner. By the second vintage they were making wines they deemed too good for their friends (although they still manage to wagnle a lot off them). As a result, the Two Paddocks wines can sometimes be tricky to get hold of, so bag 'em while you can!

Featuring Sam's Grandfather, Sydney Neill (who was a wine merchant), on the label, Picnic Riesling is a perennial favourite and a wonderful introduction to Central Otago Riesling. Just as much at home with a smart white collar dinner as a joyous picnic, this organically grown, hand harvested and crafted delicious off-dry wine has a fresh style appealing to just about everyone on the planet… Or so we think at least.

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