Testalonga - Swartland, South Africa

Craig Hawkins Testalonga Wine

South African natural wine trailblazers Craig & Carla Hawkins created Testalonga in 2008, based in the rugged Swartland region. 

They set out to “make great wine from grapes and nothing else” and have achieved that in spades. What’s more, they have been a shining example of how natural wines can find international success. 

The renegade nature of winemaker Craig's approach to winemaking is apparent just by looking at the bottles; from the evocative labels, the powerful names (‘Stay Brave’) right through to the wines themselves - electric.  

Craig traveled extensively in Europe, before returning to Swartland and perfecting his skills at the top local estate Lammershoek. Grapes are farmed both organically and biodynamically with as little intervention as possible.

We’ve got a full suite of their current vintage – including some of the rare Bandito wines, sparklings, and magnums.