Nibiru - Kamptal, Austria

Introducing Julia Nather & Josef Schenter of Nibiru in Austria's Kamptal region. 

Julia and Josef's work is a labour of love for their rocky corner of Austria.

Their wines are transparent of variety and vintage, and expressive of place. Organically farmed vineyards, the team only use spontaneous fermentation, without fining or supplements, and minimal sulfur addition. Their wines are aged in old oak until they are bottled with natural cork.

Nibiru, in case you were wondering, is the name of a planet that wanders through our galaxy once every 3,600 years, going round in the other direction to the rest of the planets, according to Sumerian writings. Josef and Julia both loved the idea of it, and felt it resonated with their philosophy.

One of our favourites among their portfolio is the fun-sized 1 litre bottle of Gemischter Satz excellence (that's 'mixed set'- and means 'field blend') - a blend of all the estate grapes, including fruit from some of their older vines. Given the blend, it’s everything you’d hope for with tart freshness from the Gruner Vertliner, florals and exotic notes from the Riesling and the Muller Thurgau, with herbaceous overtones from the Fruhroter Vertliner. Get involved.

Gemischter Satz 1 Litre

Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature 2016


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