Meet the Maker: Günther Neukamp, NESTOR Wine


MY FRIEND GÜNTHER! Günther Neukamp is one half of the powerhouse that is NESTOR WINE, from the Neusiedlersee DAC, in Burgenland, Austria.

The Stadler family has been operating their 39-hectare winery in Halbturn within the Neusiedlersee region for more than 40 years. After developing his own winemaking style, Thomas Stadler took over for his parents, and in 2019, he joined forces with family friend & business advisor Günther Neukamp.

NESTOR produces truly special single-variety wines and blends that are shaped by the region’s diverse terroir and unique Pannonian climate, which experiences hot dry summers, cold winters and low rainfall with a moderating influence of Lake Neuisedl.

Thomas consistently strives for the highest quality in their production process. In their sustainably farmed vineyards, he applies strict yield reduction and only selects grapes of optimal ripeness. In the winery, he has perfected the gentle use of oak aging, resulting in wines full of character and depth.

Get the wines:

Nestor, Grüner Veltliner - 2023
Nestor, Halbturn Blanc - 2022

Nestor, Reserve Pinot Gris Leid Lehendorf - 2020
Nestor, Orangewein Gelber Muskateller - 2022
Nestor, Zweigelt - 2022
Nestor, Halbturn Rouge - 2023
Nestor, St. Laurent - 2020
Nestor, Pinot Noir - 2021
Nestor, Zweigelt Reserve - 2021
Nestor, Reserve Cabernet Franc Reid Kaiserberg- 2020
Nestor, Cuvée 02 Reserve – 2020