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    Domaine de la Pinte, Chardonnay - 2020 - Good Wine Good People
    Domaine de la Pinte, Chardonnay - 2020
    Fumey-Chatelain, Savagnin Sous Voile - 2017 - Good Wine Good People
    Fumey-Chatelain, Savagnin Sous Voile - 2017
    Domaine de la Pinte, Sav'Or - 2020 - Good Wine Good People
    Domaine de la Pinte, Sav'Or - 2020

    Tucked between Burgundy and the border of Switzerland lies France’s smallest wine region – known for defying expectations and rocking some seriously unique and intriguing wines. That's right folks, we’re talking about Jura. 

    Think of Jura as Burgundy's super cool, quirky cousin, with rolling vineyards, fairytale-esque mountains, and an exciting wine scene that's got heads turning, including ours. 

    Here, producers embrace tradition while also pushing the boundaries with unique wine making techniques. As a result, the region offers a distinct range of styles – from the classics to delicious specialities. 

    When it comes to grapes, the region grows over 40 different varieties. Jura's got both the Burgundy classics as well as lesser-known yet beloved indigenous grapes.

    Compared to Burgundy, Jura Chardonnays typically have a lighter, more mineral expression but are equally exceptional in quality. While Chardonnay is the most planted variety, the region's most exciting grape is its ancient white variety – Savagnin (not to be confused with Sauvignon Blanc), The grape makes extraordinary wines from the crisp, mineral whites and tense, full-bodied ageable wines to the legendary Vin Jaune (“yellow wine”). 

    Vin Jaune, Jura’s signature style, is a dry white that ages for a minimum of 6+ years under a thin layer of yeast in barrels before bottling (similar to Sherry). This is what gives Vin Jaune its distinctive and complex character – salty, nutty deliciousness. 

    Then there’s Vin de Paille, a sweeter style wine made from grapes dried on straw mats, and Cremant du Jura, a charming sparkling wine.   

    And let’s not forget the reds. Jura shines with its lighter styles that are produced with grapes like Poulsard, which makes a pale-coloured, lively rose-scented red and Trousseau, which offers lovely peppery and earthy tones. 

    Whatever style you decide to explore, the wines from Jura will leave you captivated. 

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