Producer Focus: Georg Preisinger

Thursday, 8 September 2022. 7:20PM. A group of wine professionals stood outside a restaurant in Gols, Austria, in the heart of the Burgenland, and we watched poo burn. 💩 🔥

This was a controlled fire, not the result of an immature teenage prank, but rather a bronze age ritual, called Agnihotra. I know the time exactly, because it was very deliberately a sunset ritual. This practice sits at the heart of the viticulture practices for the man who lit the flame and recited the incantation. Georg Preisinger. Georg starts and ends each day with this practice, and the resulting pure ash is used as a treatment in the vineyard.

Once finished, our host Torsten breaks the silence “who’s ready to eat?” 😂 — and don’t worry, Georg washed his hands after. Admittedly, I thought it a bit silly at the time — but then we tasted the wine. As a result of that trip those wines are now available to the good people of the UK.

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